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What Can Home Visitors Do?

Home visitors will offer support, they will listen to you and share with you the experience of being a parent.

The home visitor can:
Make home visits before and soon after your baby is born.
Answer your questions about pregnancy, infant care, feeding, and mother’s recovery.
Offer friendly support.
Provide you with information on prenatal care, baby care, nutrition, and immunization providers.
Help you find community agencies or programs to meet your needs.
Encourage you to contact your doctor about any health concern.
Tell you what behavior to expect from your baby at various times during the first year.
Give you information on discipline, the setting of rules and limits, for children.
Explain kinds of play activities and toys suitable for your baby.
Give helpful suggestions on nutrition.
Provide or refer you for child development information.
Explain what immunizations your baby should get and when your baby should get them.
Tell you how to choose and use a child’s auto safety seat.

Other Services A Home Visitor Can Tell You About
Supplemental food for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Life-style change programs- stop smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.
Financial help- emergency food, food stamps, health care, and emergency assistance.
How to obtain licensed childcare or babysitting.
Adult education- how to speak English, learn to drive, get a high school diploma.
Recreation and religious services.
Marriage counseling.
Family planning.
Help with being a parent.
Other available community services to help you provide best for your family.
Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program provides primary and preventative health care services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers throughout the state of Kansas.

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