Labratory & Screening Services


-Lead Screening


-Lipid Profile (cholesterol)

-Urine Dipstick

-Pregnancy Test

-TB skin test and follow up evaluation

Maternal Health

-Maternal assessment, education, counseling and referrals

-Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Screening

-Breasfeeding education

Infant/Child Health

-Infant Safe Sleep information

-Vision, hearing, speech, and dental screenings(including OAE newborn screening)

-Growth and development assessments

-Physical assessments for Kan-Be-Healthy, daycares, and schools ages 1-7

Adult Health

-Vision and hearing screening

-Early detection, education, and monitoring of chronic health problems

-Education on early detection of breast cancer with referrals for breast exams and mammograms

-Information and referral for family planning services

-Accessment of vaccine requirements for international travel

Home Visits

Home visits are available for homebound clients to monitor their health status and provide needed health care services including medication set-ups, nail care, lab test collection, etc. 


All recommended childhood, adolescent, college, and adult vaccines including:

-Tdap (Tetanus/Pertussis)


-Influenza (including HD for 65+)

-Hepatitis A and B

-Typhoid and Shingles (zoster) vaccines



The Women, Infant, and Child program provides nutrition assessment and food vouchers to income eligible pregnant women, infants and children less than 5 years old. 

M & I

Maternal and Infant program provides prenantal information and some financial assistance with prenatal care.

Carseat Program

Infant, convertible, highback w/ harness, and booster seats available at a free or reduced cost. A certified safety seat technician will help insure proper installation.

Free Carseat Checks

Breast Pump Program

Breast pumps are available for rental or purchase.

Help and information available as well.

Healthy Start

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program provides home visits to ANY pregnant woman and families with a baby (birth through one year). Referrals and information provided for before and after baby as well as growing a healthy family. 

Child Care Licensing

Information for daycare licensure available.

Parents looking for licensed child care providers call 1-877-678-2548 (Childcare Aware of Kansas)